Monday, March 2, 2009

TFS merge and branch

"Regarding code merging, we have created new folders/projects under branch. These folders do not exist in the main XYZ2 branch. We are unable to do “merge” because merge is only if a file/folder is an offshoot of the branch. If you add these folders into the main branch manually, then connection between main branch and branch is lost. Is there a way we can resolve this issue? Please let us know..."


In this case, you would have to do a “branch” from to back XYZ2, not a merge.
(You can specify the exact target location in XYZ2 while branching)
That way, you will have a connection back to from XYZ2.

Merge is typically when you’re merging changes from one branch back to the trunk. Here, there is no trunk to merge with.


PS: This could possibly also be done to merge code across different branches of a trunk

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