Wednesday, September 13, 2017

iPhone vs Android

When I first moved from Windows (ThinkPad) to OSX (MacBook Pro) in 2009, it was a life changing experience. I’ve been a huge fan of Steve Jobs ever since, and am on my third Mac (an Air) now.

The Macs were always well worth the higher price tag.

But it’s been two months now since I moved from my Google Nexus 5 to an iPhone SE; and even though the SE is newer and costlier than the N5, it under-performs in almost all areas.

Just a few things that Androids have had for years, and iPhones still don't:

No universal return button
No automatic favorites in calls
No SMS delivery reports
No call blocking
No app cache clearingNo clear button in blocked contacts
Constant network issues
Constant UI bugs
[more to come]

There have been 3 software updates in the last 2 months, and each one of them has been buggier than the last; with bugs that are quite obvious and visible.

Maybe iPhones were better earlier, and have suffered from Jobs’ absence. The Mac product lineup definitely has (the Air is from Jobs' time).

But as of today, Androids (vanilla) seems better than iPhones in all respects — cost, usability and performance.

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